Table Rock Lake Fishing Report

Table Rock Lake Fishing Report July 4-7, 2013

Table Rock Lake Fishing Report

Water – Clear, could see bottom at 10 feet deep.

Temp – 81-83 degrees

Area – Main Lake near Indian Point

Boat traffic was heavy for the holiday weekend. Spotted bass were holding on main lake points at 20-40 feet deep and caught on drop shot finesse worms and four inch curl tail grubs. Watermelon Seed, Green Pumpkin and smoke were most productive color. Also caught spotted bass suspended on the highway 86 bridge holding very close to the concrete at 20-30 feet deep using same technique. I did take a few spotted bass during the daylight holding above brush piles in 20-30 feet but most of these were 12-14″.

Due to heavy daytime boat traffic I fished each day from 7:00pm until well after midnight and did quite well catching smallmouth. A couple dozen smallies each night were caught on Midwest Custom Tackle Football Jigs in PB&J and black/blue. The PB&J was most productive during low light before dark and the black/blue proved most effective after dark. The smallies were located on main lake points and on the sides going into creek arms up to about 100 yards. They were holding in pole timber and submerged cedar trees in 15-25 feet deep.

The jigs had to be worked very slowly to get bit. The bite was very light and sometimes difficult to detect – just a heavy feeling on the line. Caught mostly keepers (15″) with a few up to 20″. I only caught smallies after dark each day, the largemouth were not hitting the jig and the spotted bass did not seam to be relating to the bottom like the smallies were.

Early morning at daylight there was some limited topwater action but it did not last long. A mixed bag of largemouth, spotted and smallmouth were hitting poppers from about 5:30am – 6:30am. The topwater bite was mostly smaller fish with only a couple of keepers each day.



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